This story is purely fictional. I don't know Hanson, nor any of their associates. However, all of the original characters belong to me, and I ask that you not use anything from this story without my permission. This story also contains adult language and adult situations. You've been warned.


Status: Finished
Year Written: 2003 - March 12, 2006 2:45 am
Genre: Drama
Length: 45 Chapters (126,904 words)

Author's Notes

When I first started this story, I only knew one thing. That was that the main character was a girl named Julie that had just found out she was pregnant and that she was going to be sent away to live with some family friends. Beyond that, I wasn't sure of anything. There were often times while writing this story where I thought there was no way I was ever going to finish it. There were also times of indecision because it was a battle between I wanted and what Julie would do. These characters really came to life for me, and characters, like Jessica and Diana, took on a lives of their own and wound up playing much bigger roles than I'd ever anticipated. While there were times of struggle to finish this story, I'm incredibly pleased with the way everything turned out.

Plot Synopsis

Julie was always a smart girl who had a good head on her shoulders. Then she made one big mistake that changed her entire world. She's 17 and pregnant. To make matters worse, the father denies that it is his child, and then when she thought that things couldn't get any worse, they do. Now she's forced to try and keep her head above water, not only for her sake, but her child's. With her best friend seemingly a million miles away, she seems to have no one to rely on. Will someone unexpected be there to hold her hand when she needs someone to lean on, or will she be forced to go through the hardest time in her life alone?


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